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Our goal is to provide innovative solutions for the electrical industry of the 21st century, helping to make reality a world where renewables, together with cutting-edge knowledge and technology, will sustain a continuously growing society.

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A wide range of services aimed at excellence in which technology, experience and passion come together to offer innovative solutions in the area of renewable energy and the electricity sector.

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Reliable and flexible solution

Reliable and flexible solution able to control photovoltaic power plants improving a better network integration.

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Advanced Monitoring and Control

Advanced Monitoring and Control of MV and LV grids and secondary substations.

New Controlled Switching Device

Actionable Results for Asset Health Management and Predictive Maintenance

Technology and imagination


The new generation grid starts here. Research, develop to create innovative and sustainable energy. Take a look to state estimation for distribution networks.


Advanced Monitoring and Control

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Big data for electrical grid

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Changing the transformer tap on-load

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