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Enabling a safe and reliable power system

What is Enigma?

Enigma – Electric Grid AI is the winning project of the second edition of the Grid2030 programme, promoted by Red Eléctrica de España (REE). It arises from the collaboration of three Spanish entities: Ingelectus, Hi-Iberia, developer of software and ICT solutions, and Prysma, a consultancy specialised in technological development.

Transmission System Operators (TSO) need innovative ideas to keep the electricity system safe, reliable and with the required quality levels. Renewable energies (wind and photovoltaic) have a growing role in electricity systems and TSOs need to be aware of the new capabilities that these new technologies can achieve and use them to keep the electricity system running optimally.

What solution does Enigma offer?


We are developing a tool that will help Red Eléctrica to define how the new agents of the energy transition such as solar generation, wind power plants or mass storage elements should behave. In other words, any TSO will be able to define this behaviour to optimise the frequency response of the system, since the new energy resources connected by means of technologies based on power electronics offer the possibility of a wide range of behaviours.

With this tool, we will simulate the new renewable systems that will form part of the future REE grid as an environment and we will train neural networks, the agents, with AI, following a reward function. Within the reward function we have set the objectives that we want our simulated electricity system to achieve. The trained agents will know what conditions the power grid elements will require to achieve a system that follows the objectives we have previously set within the reward function.