Ingelectus and EOSOL promote integrated InPPC and SCADA solutions for renewable energy plants

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"Ingelectus and EOSOL promote integrated InPPC and SCADA solutions for renewable energy plants"

Working under high quality standards and backed by extensive experience in the sector, the companies Ingelectus and EOSOL have established since 2018 a collaboration that allows them to offer PPC + SCADA technical solutions according to market demands. 

Prior analysis and adaptation in test environments has resulted in a customised integration between the two systems. In this context, the complementation of InPPC and EOSOL’s SCADA has made it possible to obtain optimal results in photovoltaic plants, increasing operational efficiency during commissioning and providing a more agile resolution of possible incidents in renewable installations. 

Integration of InPPC and EOSOL’s SCADA in the market 

In 2023 Ingelectus has worked on the integration of the PPC together with the SCADA manufacturer EOSOL finalising the commissioning of 18 controllers of photovoltaic plants in Spain with a total power of more than 600 MW. In particular, the plants are located in the regions of Aragon, Castilla La Mancha, Extremadura, Andalusia, Murcia and Madrid. With this number of plants, the two companies now jointly control more than 1 GW in Spain, Mexico and the United States.

One of the technical challenges addressed in these projects has been the integration of the control of capacitor banks in several photovoltaic plants in Spain. With this milestone, Ingelectus closes 2023 as one of the fastest growing years for renewable power controlled by InPPC.