Ingelectus Completes A New Grid Integration Study in Mexico

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"Ingelectus Completes A New Grid Integration Study in Mexico"

Ingelectus continues to increase its experience in carrying out grid integration studies in Mexico. With the completion of this study, Ingelectus adds a total of 13 plants, including wind and photovoltaic, for which it has performed the mathematical model of the plants and integration studies required by the grid operator of Mexico (CENACE). All of them in compliance with the requirements of the grid code of the National Electrical System of Mexico and with the approval of CENACE.

Aware of regulations

The Mexican grid code specifies the technical requirements that Power Plants must meet to connect to the National Electrical System (SEN) in order to maintain the reliability and safety of the system. The main requirements include frequency variations, voltage variations, voltage and reactive power control, and voltage control in the event of faults.

In a first phase of the SEN connection procedure of the Power Plants, the technical requirements are tested in simulation using a mathematical model of the plant that accurately represents the behaviour of the real plant.

Consolidating our experience

The photovoltaic plant in question has a nominal power of 300 MW and is connected to the 230 kV transmission grid. The modelling and study of the plant has been carried out in the 2 industrial simulation softwares of electrical power systems required by CENACE: PSSE (Siemens) and EMTP-RV.

With the study of this plant a new inverter model with which Ingelectus has worked in grid studies is added. The treatment of new models allows the company to extend its knowledge of the mathematical models of renewable machines available in the market, both electromechanical and electromagnetic models.



Ingelectus takes another step towards its goal of becoming a reference company in the consultancy of grid integration studies for renewable plants worldwide. Along with Mexico, the rest of countries in which Ingelectus develops this type of projects extends to: Spain, United States, Chile, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Canada and Australia, among others.