Ingelectus contributes to the eCitySevilla project for the decarbonisation of the PCT Cartuja

The technological company Ingelectus participates actively in the eCitySevilla project for the development of a sustainable urban model in the Cartuja island with a target completion between now and 2025. In the annual Assembly, held last October 26th in the capital of Seville, Ingelectus contributed its vision and actions towards the decarbonization of the Scientific and Technological Park of Cartuja, and has joined forces with several companies and entities committed to the project, as well as governmental representatives and leaders of the energy sector.

Rubén Carmona Pardo, data analytics lead at Ingelectus, discussed the company’s role in enhancing knowledge and digitization of the electric distribution network, particularly through the implementation of the Ingrid Platform pilot on Endesa’s low-voltage network in Isla de la Cartuja. “The Ingrid project is a key initiative on the road to decarbonisation. It is based on the application of cutting-edge technologies, including artificial intelligence, to create an electrical digital twin of the low-voltage grid“, he said. He also informed that “this tool helps distributors to gain a detailed and precise understanding of the grid’s capacity, which is essential to achieve the objectives of the eCitySevilla project in terms of connecting photovoltaic energy and promoting electric mobility”.

The meeting was attended by Álvaro Pimentel Siles, delegate of the Cartuja Area of the Seville city council; Francisco Javier Ramírez, managing director of the Andalusian Energy Agency; Rafael Sánchez Durán, general manager of Endesa for Andalusia and Extremadura; and Luis Pérez Díaz, general manager of PCT Cartuja. In addition, the meeting also included other partner companies such as BIREN, Urbantech Titania, and Celering.

The participation of Ingelectus in this action demonstrates our commitment to innovation and sustainable development in the energy sector. Through the Ingrid Platform and the collaboration with other companies and entities, we are actively engaged in achieving the goals set forth by this initiative in the Andalusian capital“, explained Rubén Carmona Pardo.

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