Ingelectus participates in the I Artificial Intelligence Conference of Andalusia

Ingelectus has contributed to the panel discussion titled ‘The Future of EnergIA’ at the First Artificial Intelligence in Energy Conference of Andalusia, held on November 22 and 23 at the Granada Congress Palace.

Daniel Morales Wagner, CEO of Ingelectus, shared in the forum that the company’s perspective is that “AI should be an instrument for the energy specialist, who must be adept at identifying challenges and potential applications, possess the know-how to tackle these using AI-inclusive solutions, and be skilled in assessing the outcomes”.

The CEO of Ingelectus engaged with eminent sector leaders, including Ignacio Cuerva Valdivia, CEO of Cuerva and session facilitator, Beatriz Crisóstomo Merino, Global Head of Innovation at Iberdrola, Beatriz Batanero Rodríguez, Director at Minsait Energy Solutions, Óscar Jesús García Pérez, Chief Technology Officer at ADAION, and Jose Antonio Martin H., AI Technical Consultant at Repsol Energy Innovation Center.

Daniel Morales Wagner’s active involvement in the First Artificial Intelligence in Energy Conference of Andalusia presented a platform to communicate Ingelectus’ dedication to excellence, viewing innovation as a catalyst for development and cooperative efforts in the progression of technologies for energy generation and management.

Artificial intelligence applications in Ingelectus

Ingelectus, striving for technological leadership, has embarked on crafting intelligent solutions and integrating them into energy systems. Projects by Ingelectus that leverage AI include:

  1. The PASTORA Project. Funded by FEDER and tested in the real-world setting of the e-Distribution Living Lab and Smart City Malaga, this project led to the development of an AI algorithm for analyzing data from electricity meters and sensors across the network.
  2. The Ingrid Platform. This initiative utilizes advanced technologies, including AI, to construct a digital replica of the low-voltage electrical grid.
  3. The DT4Flex Project. A collaboration with Cuerva, Bamboo Energy, and Smart City Cluster, this project represents a significant stride in creating a digital twin for low-voltage systems. It features a predictive tool, empowered by AI, for forecasting and mitigating short-term grid issues. A key component is a user-level load and generation prediction module, employing various AI techniques for preempting potential disruptions.
  4. The Enigma Project. This project focuses on simulating the dynamic interactions within the electrical grid, encompassing both renewable and conventional sources linked to a unified control system, using AI-driven models.

Daniel Morán Corbacho y Daniel Morales Wagner

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