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Controlling the energy revolution

What is it?

Ingrid is a suite of monitoring and diagnostic applications specifically designed for distribution networks.

The electricity distribution network is one of the entities most affected by this energy revolution. The presence of the dispersed generation (mini-wind, photovoltaic, bidirectional electric vehicle, energy storage elements…) has definitively broken the passive form of exploitation and planning of the distribution networks, demanding actions that assure the electrical supply efficiently, safely and economically. Therefore, the use of monitoring and diagnosis tools is crucial in distribution networks. The deployment of smart grids, the installation of smart-meters, sensors and remote controls associated with distribution automation systems, is providing the distribution network with new information sources. This is where Ingrid comes into play.

Within this project, we include two solutions applied to this area:

Dynamic Line Rating

Dynamic Line Rating (DLR) is a technology that permits Distribution System operators to actively manage electricity grids. This Ingelectus solution has a complex algorithm that calculates the current limit dynamically so that grid operators can foresee congestion problems.


Charta offers a solution so that DSOs have a clear vision of where the clients are connected and will allow energy balances to be made with better precision.

The current problem is that the evolution of the networks, their growth and the topological changes that occur in both a corrective and programmed way, make the static databases and traditional registries more likely to be obsolete. This application is able to correctly associate all the meters with their electrical diagrams, making the changes experienced in their electrical linkage registered in a dynamic way.

Is the first step to any development to be implemented in distribution networks and the starting point to Smart Grids. Charta is an enabling tool that allows the DSO to know steadily and dynamically the grid topology and the power connection of suppliers to the different Low Voltage Grids assets, for single phase as well as three phase supplies.

For that purpose, Charta’s algorithm is based on cutting-edge technologies within the Artificial Intelligence scope in order to identify the phase, feeder and transformer connections of every supply with the use of the information provided by smart meters and sensors located at the secondary substation.

These techniques, and the constant evolution that the Ingelectus development team applies to Charta, have succeeded in a tool adapted to grid changes, any kind of meter and firmware version and, especially, to unfavorable scenarios like communication gaps and non technical losses.