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Modelling and simulation of electric power systems

Specialised services for modelling and simulation of renewable plants

What is it?

Ingelectus offers specialised services for modelling and simulation of power systems.  We have extensive experience in Spain, Mexico, Chile or Puerto Rico. We have in depth-knowledge of NTS (Norma Técnica de Supervisión) of REE  and the requirements and protocols of CENACE or the MTR of PREPA.

Grid integration studies allow to analyze and evaluate the behaviour of the new elements connected to the electrical network with regard to the current grid code. We use tools such as PSSE (Siemens), DigSILENT, EMTP-RV, among other softwares to run electromechanical and electromagnetic simulations. Our main objectives are:

  • Ensuring that the renewable power plants fulfill the technical requirements of the Grid Codes proposed by the Transmission System Operator. (TSO) or Distribution (DSO). 
  • Analyzing the impact of new elements integrated on the transmission and distribution networks.
  • Sizing of  necessary elements for the compliance with grid codes.


In countries with the most demanding grid codes, it is common that simulation modelling is a mandatory requirement. Ingelectus can help from the modelling of devices to the final report that is delivered to the operator of the electrical network.

  • We model photovoltaic inverters, wind turbines, STACOMs, BESS, PPC, etc. to faithfully represent the renewable plant. 
  • We validate the models against real measurements taken in a laboratory. 
  • We simulate all requirements from voltage drops to frequency response to check that the plant complies with the grid code. 
  • For Spanish grid code, we are specialists in the NTS, PO12.2 and PO9.
  • We have extensive experience with CENACE and PREPA, two of the most demanding Latin American operators from the point of view of integration studies. 
  • We study in detail the response time of the models and compare them with the real response times of a plant measured at point of interconnection.