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Flexible tap changer

What is Smartap?

In Ingelectus, we have developed a static tap changer based on power electronics for medium and low voltage transformers in distribution networks.

SmarTap is compatible with dry and oil-filled MV/LV distribution transformers. It is based on power electronics: no moving (mechanical) power components, almost no maintenance and phase-independent control.

This innovative technology will allow networks to operate independently for each of the phases and with immediate response time.

What is the solution?

With the development of this technology, problems related to typical voltage variations in low voltage distribution networks, where distributed renewable generation and electric vehicles are being incorporated, can be solved. Smartap makes grid operation more flexible by providing a regulated LV voltage regardless of the existing load, improving the quality of service offered to the end user.

Smartap technology, protected under patent ES2734601B2, has the following advantages over tap changers for distribution transformers based on electromechanical devices:

  • Compatible with dry and oil-filled transformers.
  • Tap- changing time less than 20 milliseconds.
  • Unlimited number of switching operations.
  • No moving parts.
  • Virtually maintenance-free.
  • Electronic device that does not deteriorate the quality of supply (does not introduce harmonics).
  • Independent control per phase.