Vizimax SynchroTeq, increasing power quality

What is Vizimax SynchroTeq?

Ingelectus has been the official distributor in Spain of the Canadian manufacturer Vizimax since 2014. The SynchroTeq family products are controlled switching devices (Point of wave) that allows the circuit breaker to operate in the desired electrical moment. As a result, electromagnetic transients in the grid can be avoided, as well as monitoring and increasing the lifetime of circuit breakers and other elements in the system.

Ingelectus has executed more than 150 controlled switching devices installed in Spain to prevent transients in the energisation of transformers, reactors, capacitor banks and compensated power lines.

SynchroTeq technology, a world leader in controlled switching devices (CSD), controls high and medium voltage switchgear to eliminate switching transients.

It’s possible to include this modular solution in new and existing installations and it is compatible with any circuit breaker manufacturer. Among the main benefits of SynchroTeq devices are:

  • Improve the stability and reliability of medium and high voltage power systems,
  • Preserve and extent the lifetime of installations and their assets,
  • Reduce maintenance costs,
  • Improve power quality.


You can find more information about this product in this link.