Ingelectus, selected to participate in the ICEX’s Desafía London Programme

Ingelectus has been selected to participate, from 13 to 24 May, in the Desafía London Programme developed by and ICEX Spain. This programme aims to promote the internationalisation of Spanish companies in the UK technology ecosystem and has the operational support of Cambridge Cleantech, the UK’s clean technology innovation platform at the Cambridge Institute […]

Ingelectus and EOSOL promote integrated InPPC and SCADA solutions for renewable energy plants

Working under high quality standards and backed by extensive experience in the sector, the companies Ingelectus and EOSOL have established since 2018 a collaboration that allows them to offer PPC + SCADA technical solutions according to market demands.  Prior analysis and adaptation in test environments has resulted in a customised integration between the two systems. […]

Smart grids: the electricity grid revolution

Smart grids arise from the need to adapt traditional electricity grids to the new demands of the present. The answer to these new needs lies in the development of Smart grids, a revolutionary technology that goes beyond a simple evolution, radically transforming the distribution and consumption of electrical energy. They integrate state-of-the-art elements that enable […]

Smart grids: How smart grids are becoming the future of energy

smart grids

What are smart grids? Smart grids, or intelligent grids in Spanish, are an electricity distribution system that integrates digital technologies to improve the efficiency, reliability, and sustainability of the grid. One of the main differences between smart grids and traditional electrical grids is that the former are bidirectional. This means that electricity can flow in […]

Ingelectus participates in the I Artificial Intelligence Conference of Andalusia

Ingelectus has contributed to the panel discussion titled ‘The Future of EnergIA’ at the First Artificial Intelligence in Energy Conference of Andalusia, held on November 22 and 23 at the Granada Congress Palace. Daniel Morales Wagner, CEO of Ingelectus, shared in the forum that the company’s perspective is that “AI should be an instrument for […]

Ingelectus contributes to the eCitySevilla project for the decarbonisation of the PCT Cartuja

The technological company Ingelectus participates actively in the eCitySevilla project for the development of a sustainable urban model in the Cartuja island with a target completion between now and 2025. In the annual Assembly, held last October 26th in the capital of Seville, Ingelectus contributed its vision and actions towards the decarbonization of the Scientific […]

Plant Control System (PPC): Connection, Control, and Adaptability with Ingelectus

Renewable energy plants, especially solar energy, are becoming the leading players in the electricity sector. In response to the need to control the connection of these plants to the electricity grid, Ingelectus has developed the Renewable Energy Plant Control System (PPC). Maximizing the Potential of Solar PPC: Grid-Connected Plants Connecting a solar plant to the […]


Designed to increase the flexibility and resilience

Energy audit: a key tool for energy efficiency in businesses

energy audit

An energy audit is a process that identifies a business’s current energy consumption, analyses the causes of that consumption, and proposes measures to save energy. Why are energy audits important? There are a number of reasons why energy audits are important for businesses in Europe: Reduce energy consumption: Energy audits can identify opportunities for energy […]

Ingelectus PPC certifies its capacity for capacitor bank control in Spain

Ingelectus PPC (InPPC) consolidates its capacity for the control of capacitor banks in Spain, becoming one of the few control systems that have certification in the Spanish market to cover this plant configuration widely spread in the renewable energy sector. The certification extends the current services of Ingelectus, which already has extensive experience in the […]